This part of our website has been created with foreign restaurant/ bar/ pub owners in mind. As potential employers of our graduates, you might be standing right now with our certificate in your hand, reading it and wondering if the bearer possesses any valuable qualifications in bartending. Just give our graduate a chance to demonstrate his or her skills and you’ll be amazed to find that the person is crčme de la crčme of the art of bartending.

Not only they are trained theoretically and practically, but they also had to devote a lot of time and work to prove their qualifications so as to receive their diplomas.

We are truly proud of our graduates, who work not only in Poland, but all over Europe now, and we hope their skills and expertise will make you satisfied proprietors and your establishments even more prosperous.

Listed below are some elements of our training.

· Mixology
Learning / Making cocktails

· Liquor and Beer Lecture
Demonstration on how to pour and store properly

· Beverage Control
Free pouring/shot pouring

· Wine Lecture
Instruction on various wines and how to present and pour wine and champagne

· Bar Management
Employee scheduling, ordering liquor

· Customer Service
Steps to creating an enjoyable atmosphere for customers, flagging procedures

· Inventory
Ordering and keeping liquor

· Fruit Cutting
Demonstrations on how to cut fruit for garnishing various drinks

· Cocktail Bar
Opening, Set-up, Closing, Stocking Dry Goods

· Frozen and Layered Drinks
Demonstration on how to make popular frozen drinks: Pina Coladas, daiquiris, etc.

· Opening/Set-up/Closing procedures

· Cash Register Training and Charge
Functions of electronic cash registers

· Working Flair


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International Bartender and Sommelier School

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